Radar Glitch Shows 'Tropical Cyclone' In Laverton

Tropical cyclone in Laverton?

Radar Glitch Shows 'Tropical Cyclone' In Laverton (Bureau of Meteorology)

Good morning Melbourne. 

Showers around this morning, easing across the day. Tops of 18 for your Wednesday.

Laverton found itself at the centre of a massive tropical cyclone last night, according to a bizarre glitch in the Weather Bureau's new radar.

The radar showed a massive weather system passing over Melbourne, the eye hovering over Laverton which remained dry.

The southwestern suburb in fact copped a big drenching overnight, receiving 18mm of rain.

Forecasters say they're still ironing out glitches with the system.

A Hampton Park man accused of sending money to an Islamic State fighter in Syria will remain behind bars, after being refused bail by a magistrate.

Isa Kocoglu, 43, was arrested yesterday morning for allegedly transferring nearly $4000 to a 33-year-old US fighter based in the war zone, and running an IS propaganda website to attract new recruits.

Police have admitted some of the cash may have come from his welfare benefits and confirmed there is no imminent threat to the public in the face of the arrest.

He was taken in following a 16 month investigation by ASIO, AFP and Victoria police who seized digital evidence during a raid in June, 2016.

He'll front court again on January 29. 

The husband of an Australian teacher gunned down in broad daylight in Kenya last week has been arrested by police.

Gabrielle Maina, a mother of two originally from Armidale, was shot in the neck while walking to her home in the nation's capital Nairobi moments after dropping one of her sons at a friend's house.

Police have confirmed Cyrus Bernard Maina is now the prime suspect while his cousin is also in custody.

It's understood Maina complained of threats before her death, and had a restraining order against her estranged husband of 16 years.

Victorians are the worst offenders when it comes to wasting perfectly good food.

Australians are throwing out the equivalent of $9.6 billion every year or 14 per cent of their groceries, according to a new Rabobank survey.

82 per cent admitted some of their food expired before they could eat it, while 62 per cent eat out at least once a week.