'I Can't See Carlton Playing Finals For Three Years'

The Rub team dissects Carlton.

'I Can't See Carlton Playing Finals For Three Years' Image: Getty

The Saturday Rub boys have questioned the progress of Carlton's young list after their winless start to the season.


James Brayshaw expected more from them after their round three loss to Collingwood, going down by 24 points.

“You’ve got to think they should be better,” JB said.

Damian Barrett agreed.

“I’m not buying the hope that they’re selling, as hard as they’re selling it, anyway,” he said.

Wayne Carey was another, believing finals are still a way off.

“What are they selling?” he asked.

“I wrote an article about Carlton yesterday…I can’t see Carlton playing finals, I think (for) three years would be generous," he said.

Duck pointed out the form of the Northern Blues, saying their depth of young talent wasn't performing or putting selection pressure on the players in the AFL side.

"Their reserve grade VFL sides finished top and won or lost the grand final by a point, so there’s depth underneath," he said.

"They’ve got no one pushing from underneath, so they’ve got no (selection) pressure on those players in there."