Man Sets Fire To A Red Light Camera In Prahran

Taking matters into his own hands!

Man Sets Fire To A Red Light Camera In Prahran  Image: SBS

A man has reportedly set fire to a red-light camera in Prahran this morning.

The incident happened at approximately 6am on the intersection of Punt Road and High Street in Prahran. 

The man was caught red-handed as bystanders filmed the incident and tipped off police. 

Constable George Mondon says that he has never seen anything like this before, and that perhaps the culprit was trying to destroy the camera because it had some incriminating footage. 

“It was the first time I’ve seen something like this,” Mondon said.

“We’re not sure how he’s climbed up, but he’s somehow elevated himself, whether he’s used a ladder or something.

“We can only assume that his intention was to try and delete some sort of incriminating evidence.”

All footage from red-light cameras are automatically uploaded and kept at the department for Justice, so his efforts might be all for nothing. 

The camera was severely damaged.