Massive Snake Spotted On Melbourne Walking Track

Have you seen one this big?

Massive Snake Spotted On Melbourne Walking Track Frankston Community Noticeboard (Facebook)

Melbourne snake-haters, look away.

A man walking his dog snapped an irksome photo of a large snake slithering across a walking path at the beachside suburb of Mordialloc.

PHOTO: Frankston Community Noticeboard

He spotted it near Jack Grut Reserve opposite Governor Road.

"It was lying still on the outskirts of the bushes next to the walk path and I thought maybe it was dead," the man said. "But on my return to the area 10 minutes later it was gone."

Snakes are not naturally aggressive and most will retreat unless confronted.

Of Australia's 140 land snakes, 100 are venomous but only 12 are likely to inflict a fatal bite.

In warmer weather the reptiles venture out and soak up the sun on roads, paths or even household water heaters.

If you find a snake and want it removed, contact your local snake catcher.