Melbourne Man Arrested After Allegedly Funding Islamic State

He was arrested this morning

Melbourne Man Arrested After Allegedly Funding Islamic State

A man who allegedly funded Islamic State fighters in Syria will be charged today after being arrested in an early morning raid in Melbourne.

The 43-year-old was arrested at his Hampton Park home on Tuesday after a 16-month investigation.

The man was reportedly on an invalid's or a disability pension. 

Police allege the man "provided funds and services to persons engaged in the conflict in Syria supporting Islamic State".

The man has been charged with providing support to a person who has entered a foreign state with the intention of undertaking hostile activities, contrary to Section 7(1)(e) of the Crimes (Foreign Incursions and Recruitment) Act 1978.

Police say there is no current or impending threat to the community as a result of today’s activity.

"This arrest sends a very strong message of deterrence to those who would seek to provide support or fund terrorism," Victoria Police deputy commissioner Shane Patton said in a statement.

There was no current threat to the Australian community stemming from the arrest, police said.

Australian Federal Police assistant commissioner Ian McCartney said the arrest was the culmination of an investigation spanning more than 16 months.

"These types of investigations are complex and protracted," Assistant Commissioner McCartney said.

The man will face the Melbourne Magistrates' Court on Tuesday afternoon.