New Melbourne Trains To Fit 2000 Passengers

Mostly standing

New Melbourne Trains To Fit 2000 Passengers

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The plans for our new trains are out, and they're set to fit a whole lot more people, when they arrive in mid-2019, but not everyone will get a seat.

The new loco's will be carrying up to 2, 000 passengers, but only 30-40% of them will be seated.

Currently most of our trains can take up to 900 people, with two-thirds of them getting chairs.

These changes will put us on pair with mega cities such as Tokyo, where around 20 million people ride the train per day.

Doesn't this look fun?


The good news is, they're designed so that every passenger will get a rail or handle to hold on to.

Could be a dampener if you don't like standing, and may make it more difficult for people who need a seat, such as the elderly.

On the plus side the news trains will be able to operate in temps of up to 50 degrees according to Fairfax Media, which should avoid failures like we've seen in previous heatwaves.

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