Number Of Out-Of-Control Bushfires Raging In Victoria

Threatening lives and homes.

Number Of Out-Of-Control Bushfires Raging In Victoria Image: Twitter/newsheli

A number of out-of-control bushfires and grass fires are raging in Victoria's south-west.

Several towns have been asked to evacuate while others have been told it's too late to leave with warm and windy conditions helping the fires rage overnight.

Emergency warnings are in place for a large number of towns - nearly 50 -  in Victoria's southwest, including a 12,000 hectare fire near Cobden on Terang-Cobden Road.

Residents have been urged to flee the area if they can, with four properties already destroyed where the fire originated in Terang.

The towns of Cobden, Camperdown and Timboon are under threat.

Another 10,000 hectare fire is burning near Camperdown, with fears the two blazes could join. 

"Both of these are large fires and the fires are looking like they will connect, because of the strong winds coming through," she said.

"It is expected to get worse before it gets better – we’ve got 90 to 110-kilometre winds coming through, which is very dangerous."

Another fire is raging at Gazette, which is near Hamilton and further west.

"At this stage we know there have been buildings impacted," Emergency Management Commissioner Craig Lapsley said on Sunday morning.

"We know it will grow in numbers.

"There has definitely been impacts on houses, on sheds, on agricultural equipment."