Oil Poured Onto Popular West Melbourne Bike Track

Cyclists voice fears over incident

Oil Poured Onto Popular West Melbourne Bike Track

Image: Australian Cycle Alliance/Twitter

Melbourne cyclists have voiced safety fears after five litres of oil was poured across a stretch of the Capital City Trail in the city’s west.

The Melbourne Fire Brigade told Triple M they were called to remove oil from a section of the busy bike path near Dynon Road early on Tuesday, only to return later on around 6pm when the patch returned.

With Victoria Police also reportedly notified on the incident, a City Of Melbourne spokesperson added an investigation could commence through the council’s local laws team.

“As soon as we were made aware, City of Melbourne arranged for a contractor to clean the oil from the Capital City Trail,” they said in a statement.

“It is illegal to dump or discharge oil, and in relevant cases, investigations may be undertaken by our local laws team.”

Australian Cycle Alliance spokesperson Edward Hore told the ABC the incident demonstrated “unfathomable” contempt for inner-city cyclists, and was likely deliberate given the
“zig-zag” fashion in which the oil was spread across the bike path.


"The danger of this is where they've done it is an extremely important commuting route that cyclists are using to keep themselves safe," he said.

"This is so unfathomable. People complain about cyclists being on the road, so when they go and use a path they endanger their lives on a path."

One Twitter use called the spill a “premeditated act of aggression”, calling for a public “outcry” and “equality for rule of law”.


Triple M has reached out to Victoria Police for further comment.