Police Grand Final Blitz Catches Hundreds Of Drink Drivers

Cops are 'disappointed' by results

Victoria Police took away car keys from 65 drink drivers and 40 drug drivers on average across each day of the grand final weekend.

While the Tigers were celebrating their victory, over 7000 Victorians were spoken to by police in relation to traffic offences and more than 750 in relation to crime offences.

Over the four days of Operation Scoreboard, police picked up 261 drink drivers and 162 motorists for drug test offences with a strike rate of 1:560 and 1:10 respectively.

Road Policing Command Assistant Commissioner Doug Fryer said it is disheartening to see nearly 400 motorists fined for using their phones and over 230 not wearing seatbelts.

“Year in year out we still see very similar results whereby a core group of motorists think they can flout the law,” AC Fryer said.

“I know that motorists still try to get away with using their mobiles but the very basics of not wearing your seatbelt, I just don’t understand it.

“I find it unacceptable also that over 2200 motorists were caught speeding, when you break it down that is about 563 motorists a day caught risking not only their lives but the lives of others."

Given the increased risks associated between speed, road fatalities and serious injutry, AC Fryer said he was grateful to police who worked across the weekend alongside the motorists who played it safe while behind the wheel.

"I’m also pleased with the many Victorians who considered their safety on the roads in what was a wonderful weekend not only for Victoria but for all Tigers supporters,” he said.

General offences detected during the operation include:

  • 184 disqualified/suspended drivers
  • 291 unlicensed drivers
  • 684 unregistered vehicles
  • 2,253 speeding offences
  • 395 mobile phone offences
  • 549 disobey signs/signals
  • 68 vehicle impounds
  • 232 seat belt offences

Sadly a 23-year-old Seaford man lost his life on the roads over the weekend after a car crashed into a pole in Seaford on Sunday 1 October.

A 28-year-old Carrum Downs man has been charged with culpable driving, dangerous driving causing death and failing to remain at the scene in relation to the collision. He is expected to appear at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court today.

Operation Scoreboard ran statewide from 12.01am Thursday 28 September to 11.59pm Sunday 1 October.