REVEALED: Melbourne's Magpie Swooping Hotspots

There's been a spike in eye injuries

REVEALED: Melbourne's Magpie Swooping Hotspots

The Royal Victorian Ear and Eye Hospital is urging Melburnians to take extra care this Magpie season following a huge spike in eye injuries caused by bird attacks.

Last year the Emergency Department recorded 4 injuries in September – last month it rose to 17.

There were 8 in October, 2016; this year it's 19 so far. 

"We've had a lot from the central area of Melbourne around Lonsdale Street, Punt Rd [and] Lygon Street, but it can happen in any of the parks around Melbourne," said  Emergency Department Director Dr Carmel Crock. 

Anyone with concerns can also access the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning's (DELWP) Magpie Map here