Should Kids' Footy Scores Be Capped?

They say it will help player retention

Should Kids' Footy Scores Be Capped?

Image: Facebook / Riddell District Football Netball League

This talk about letting our little ones have their footy scores capped when they play, has fired people up this morning!

The country league says some of the kids' teams are getting thumped so the Riddell District League has put a stop on Under-12s to Under-16s racking up huge scores, except for in finals.

The margin is capped at 80 points in Under-16s, 60 points in Under-14s and 48 points in Under-12s, which aligns to the length of time played in each of those age divisions.

The league says they ran a number of scenarios past the club presidents and the majority of presidents voted to implement the capping process as it now stands.

It is hoped the move will mean more young children stay playing in the competition but many of you say it's a bad move:

Matt from Franskston: "I've been playing footy about 20 years and I've been done by 200 plus points and it's absolutely a crap feeling but you go back next week. It's part of the game, one week you might get done by 200 the next week you might win, it's part and parcel of the game".

Kieran from Beaconsfield: "I can understand why they are looking at these rules but these teams are probably getting flogged from poor grading of the teams, putting them into leagues with other teams they're not meant to be competing against. This is part of learning in life, there are different ways in which you can teach your kids how to handle these failures and successes and it makes them appreciate it when they do win".

Caroline on the score capping: "No I don't agree at all, I think it's a really great learning curve for children, have a crack and if you don't win go back the next week and try harder".

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