Stay Inside Melbourne. It's Going To Bucket Down

A Real Proper Melbourne Winter Day

Stay Inside Melbourne. It's Going To Bucket Down James Lake

We'd forgive you for thinking winter was behind us, after the past couple of days of awesome sunshine and warmer nights... but you've been fooled!

The cold, windy and wet conditions are back.

Forecasters rate Melbourne's chance of rain at 100% for this afternoon and tonight, with the chance of evening thunderstorms. Wind will pick up to 45km/h as well.

While you're bunkered down keeping dry tonight, spare a thought for those still up in the alpine areas making the best of the last of snow. The cold front will bring heavy rainfall in the northeast ranges from Tuesday afternoon. By tomorrow, the mountains could get up to 70mm of rain (not snow!) and that's threatening to start melting the snow.

Experts are monitoring the situation, which might lead to flooding.

If you're still planning on heading into the mountains for the last of the winter snow, here's some final advice from the SES:

  • Never walk, ride or drive through floodwater,
  • Never allow children to play in floodwater,
  • Stay away from waterways and stormwater drains during and after heavy rain,
  • Keep well clear of fallen power lines
  • Be aware that in fire affected areas, rainfall run-off into waterways may contain debris such as ash, soil, trees and rocks.

Check out for current Emergency Information.

For current Road and Traffic Information, check out VicRoads.

And, for the latest weather forecast, visit the Bureau of Meteorology.