These Vic Kids Saved Lives

Heroes Honoured Today

These Vic Kids Saved Lives

Image: ESTA / Twitter

Some of the smallest members of the Victorian community are getting a special award today, they're being honoured as our Junior Triple Zero Heroes for saving lives.

51 youngsters aged between five and 16 have been nominated for recognition by call operators and today the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) will award them, after they dialed in during emergencies.

The 2017 heroes include:

  • 15-year-old Emily who called triple zero when a fire started in her oven at home while she was alone; she explained what was happening to our operator and made sure her pets were safe
  • Five-year-old India who was taught at kindergarten how to call triple zero. India called to help her mum when her one-year-old brother swallowed a five cent coin and was choking and had trouble breathing
  • Seven-year-old Jamie who called triple zero after his mum had a seizure and was unconscious. He cared for his mother and younger sister until paramedics arrived.

ESTA’s triple zero operators work around the clock, answering nearly 7,000 urgent calls a day.

“Teaching your children how and when to call triple zero, including knowing your home address, really can save lives. We tell parents and carers that the life a child might save could be yours,” said ESTA’s Acting CEO Ben Piper.