Truckies Targeted With New Tolls And Road Bans

Cars slugged extra too

Truckies Targeted With New Tolls And Road Bans

Thousands of trucks will be hit by a heap of new tolls and road bans with the construction of the new tunnel connecting the CityLink to the West Gate Freeway.

A new report has suggested trucks will be slugged with extra tolls even if they don't use the new $5.5 Billion tunnel, and simply continue on the West Gate Freeway using the West Gate Bridge.

Car drivers won't escape the extra fees either, with motorists facing the first ever peak period toll to and from the CBD in the new tunnel.

These charged look to be structured to try and reduce congestion in peak hour, and are being labelled as a way to reduce traffic on clogged roads in Melbourne's west.

Rigs again in the firing line, there's set to be curfews on trucks using streets around the Port of Melbourne.

The exact toll charges are still up in the air, but it's looking like they could be hefty.