Victorian Euthanasia Laws One Step Closer

Passed second reading

Victorian Euthanasia Laws One Step Closer Image: Screenshot/Channel 9

The Voluntary Assisted Dying bill has passed through the second reading phase in the upper house of the Victorian parliament.

The bill passed with a vote of 22-18.



It will now go to committee, where amendments will be discussed and debated.

After amendments are decided on, the bill will be put up for a third reading.

If it passes that stage, the next phase is Royal Assent which will see the bill passed into law.

If the bill becomes law, terminally ill people over the age of 18 who are in severe pain and with only a year to live will be able to access lethal drugs that will allow them to die on their own terms.

However, an amendment reducing eligibility from 12 months to six months life expectancy is likely.

The next phase could take anywhere from a week to a couple months.