Warnings About Melbourne Measles Cases

Two confirmed.

Warnings About Melbourne Measles Cases


Three confirmed cases of measles between Melbourne and Ballarat have sparked a warning from Victoria's chief health officer.

The patients were infectious between September 6 and September 13 and attended train stations between Armadale and Southern Cross, Collins Street in the CBD, Chadstone shopping centre, IKEA Richmond and Ballarat during this period.

It's believed the patients became infected at the train stations, Collins Street, St Kilda Road Armadale, or St Kilda Library between August 20 and September 1, the chief health officer said on Monday.

A third person got measles in Romania and was infectious while in transit on September 12, when they flew on QR222 from Bucharest to Doha and on QR904 from Doha to Melbourne, the Victorian health department said on Tuesday.

Common symptoms include: fever, general discomfort, illness, runny nose, dry cough, sore and red eyes, red and bluish spots inside the mouth, red and blotchy spots that appear first on the face and hairline and then spread to the body.

The two cases spent time whilst infectious at the following locations: 

  • September 6 - IKEA Richmond (11am – 1pm) 
  • September 7 - Spotlight Carnegie (11.30am – 12.30pm), Chadstone Shopping Centre - specifically Kmart (12pm - 3.30pm) 
  • September 8 - Federation University, Ballarat (Mt Helen campus)
  • September 9 - Chadstone Shopping Centre (10am – 1 pm)
  • September 11 & 12 - Frankston Train line (peak hour travel time) – Armadale Station and Southern Cross Station, Collins St, Docklands
  • September 13 - Ikea Richmond (11am – 1.30pm)  

Susceptible people who have attended these places are at risk of measles and may have symptom onset anytime from September 13 until October 4