Where To Catch Melbourne's Massive Generator Convoy Tonight

Moving through the city.

Where To Catch Melbourne's Massive Generator Convoy Tonight Image: Twitter

The massive generator convoy will make its way through Melbourne tonight.

The line of trucks transporting a generator from Loy Yang Power Station to Melbourne to ship overseas has captured a fair bit of attention as it edges its way towards the city.

Triple M's traffic guru Jimmy joined Dead Set Legends, telling us the convoy has stopped out at the Dingley Bypass for the time being.

“Let’s call it the Superload,” he said on Saturday morning.

"It’s in Heatherton. Last night it went down through Dandenong. There were thousands of people, by all reports.

“Now it’s pulled up there in Heatherton, so two lanes inbound, Dingley Bypass, just prior to Warrigal Rd, currently out of action there while it’s parked there."


He said the interest so far has greatly exceeded expectations.

"No one really expected the public to be so interested. It’s pretty interesting, let’s not lie," he said.

"We’re getting a lot of people down there, park up, run across the road, take photos. All sorts of shenanigans going on."

Tonight, at around 9 pm, it will depart again, arriving in Port Melbourne on Sunday morning.


It'll move along Warrigal Rd, North Rd, Nepean Rd and Beaconsfield Parade before being loaded and shipped.

“It’s going down to Webb Dock," Jimmy said.

"So tonight it’ll head down towards Beaconsfield Parade and then down along the water. So if you’re in an apartment there, big night for you, don’t worry about anything on the TV."