NBN welcomed in Port Macquarie

Locals can start connecting mid-year.

NBN welcomed in Port Macquarie

CBD, North Shore, Thrumster and Fernbank creek homes will be able to access internet speeds of up to 100 Megabits per second from the middle of this year, as the rollout of the NBN to the Port Macquarie continues.

The rollout was officially launched on Church Street by Cowper MP Luke Hartsuyker, NSW Business Chamber Chairman Kellon Beard and the NBN's Kelly Stevens this morning, where cabling for the fixed line service was being rolled out.

NBN crews began installing node cabinets throughout the Hastings and Camden Haven in December.

Mr Hartsuyker said around 28,000 premises in Port Macquarie and surrounds are about to be connected to the NBN network, using Fibre-to-the-Node (FTTN) technology, which offers average broadband speeds of 70 Mbps.

"There are three modes of delivery under the NBN, there is fixed line, there is wireless and there is satellite. Ninety-three percent of the NBN rollout will be delivered by fixed line, areas outside of the FTTN rollout will be delivered by wireless, and those premises that can access neither fixed line or wireless, there will be access to the satellite system."

Mr Beard says the advent of reliable, and affordable internet access in the Mid North Coast will remove a major obstacle to local businesses.

"It's very hard for business at the moment. A lot of businesses when they move premises can't get on the exchange again, so they lose their connection," Mr Beard said.

"And the ones that do (have connection) are having trouble with the speed. I know of businesses that have had to put two lines in - one for email and one for their webpage - just to get over the current system's constraints." 

Businesses looking to get in early to receive the NBN should contact their provider to see what services are already being retailed.