130,000 People Relocated As Mount Agung Steam Cloud Forms

'Many people are afraid'

130,000 People Relocated As Mount Agung Steam Cloud Forms Image: ABC News/Twitter

Over 130,000 people have relocated to makeshift evacuation centres as a steam cloud has reportedly formed around Indonesian volcano Mount Agung.

Indonesia's National Disaster Management Agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho today confirmed around 135,000 people had now left their homes, with steam and tremors felt around the region of the volcano on the Indonesian island of Bali, ABC News reports.

"The danger line on the map is not clearly visible on the field, hence many people are afraid," he said.

"Also the number of hoaxes on social media [about an eruption] adds to the level of fear felt by many people including people who live in safe zone."

Across the past week, temporary accomodation has been established with tents, government buildings and school gyms ar temporary accomodation set up for 104,000 people in Bali alone.

Mount Agung killed 1,000 people when it last erupted in 1963. The volcano is one of over 1000 currently active across Indonesia.