A Massive Seal Is Wreaking Havoc In Tassie

Big bugger!

A Massive Seal Is Wreaking Havoc In Tassie

A huge fur seal is wreaking havoc in the suburbs of Launceston, with police unable to get it under control.

The seal is wondering through the eastern suburb of Newstead, sitting on cars and causing thousands of dollars of damage.

Fur seals can grow up to 300kg.

The seal is being monitored by the police, who have nicknamed it Mr Lou-Seal.


A police spokeswoman said the Parks and Wildlife Service would arrive to move the seal, but that it was a big job.

“It will be a long process to remove it,” she told News Corp

“It is going to require several Parks and Wildlife officers to remove it.”

Police have told the public to keep their distance to avoid harming themselves or the seal.