AMA Slams Pete Evans For Putting The Health Of Aussies 'At Risk'

Chef stands by diet claims

AMA Slams Pete Evans For Putting The Health Of Aussies 'At Risk'

Pic: Channel 7

The Australian Medical Association has again come out swinging at paleo warrior Pete Evans after he defended several of his controversial health views, saying many have just been taken "out of context".

Speaking with Channel 7's Sunday Night program, the celebrity chef said the media has been publishing "fake news" about him for the past few years.

He also stood by his 'baby broth' recipe from his 2015 book 'Bubba Yum Yum: The Paleo Way', which was published as an alternative for babies who couldn't drink breast milk.

"Pete Evans promotes broth over breast milk. That's the one that always get regurgitated but we promote breast milk first and foremost," he said.

"The bone broth recipe that's in there, there are certain children out there, babies, that can't take human milk."

Another claim that caused concern was when he advised a woman with osteoporosis to cut dairy from her diet, because of evidence that dairy removes calcium from our bones.

"You can read about it in many different scientific journals, it's just a known fact. It's a myth to think that drinking cows milk is the be all and end all for calcium intake."

The AMA though, aren't convinced. The organisation tweeted after the show saying the celebrity chef "shouldn't dabble in medicine".


Vice President Dr Tony Bartone said there seems to be a growing trend of celebrity endorsements being regarded as legitimate medical evidence.

"Defence of his claims are mischievous at best. It's important to realise there are decades of research and studies that have gone behind all the medical recommendations and we need to keep them top of mind. Certainly I wouldn't dream of giving Pete advice as to how to cook any of his culinary delights, nor should he stray out of his kitchen and into the consulting room and start to put the health of Australians at risk."

"There needs to be someway of making sure the public is protected from such irresponsible claims. If a medico was to put out any of that information they would surely be made to front the authorities."