Anxious Aussie Kids To Be Given Medicinal Cannabis

World-first trial starts June

Anxious Aussie Kids To Be Given Medicinal Cannabis

Pic credit: Getty Images

Aussie kids as young as 12 will be taking medicinal cannabis, as part of a trial to treat anxiety and mental health. 

The world-first trial, getting underway in June, is the mastermind of former Australian of the Year psychiatrist Professor Patrick McGorry. 

Professor McGorry has received private funding to start his investigations through Headspace youth mental health centres. 

Patients - aged between 12 and 25 - who have had little success with 'traditional' therapies like anti-depressants will be given 2-4 capsules a day of powdered cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive component of marijuana. 

They'll continue the treatment for 12 weeks to see what impact it has on their condition. 

Professor McGorry is confident it'll be a success, because of positive results from similar studies in Europe. 

Written by: Claire Sherwood @clairesherwood_