Aussie 'Superhero' Found After Worldwide Search

Power of social media

Aussie 'Superhero' Found After Worldwide Search Pixabay

Some weeks ago we reported on a UK couple’s search to find an Aussie hero that saved them from potentially drowning after their boat capsized in waters off Croatia.

At the time, all Craig and Jackie O’Neill knew was that the guy was Australian, based on his initial FB post.

“on the way back we hit some ruff sea and the boat capsized throwing us into the sea..the man im looking for is a australian and he dived in the sea from a passing boat,he swam over to help and said he can only take one,,jackie went with him… i could not make the swim to saftey im a rubbish swimmer,i was on my own and exhausted i had no options left and really thought thats it im going to die here,.jackie and the australian man had not made it back to the boat but he had seen what was happening to me and how much trouble i was in,he then did something truly amazing.. as well as holding on to jackie in the ruff sea he came back for me and got me and swam us both back to safety,this man is a absolute hero if it wasn't for him things would of been very different”


Thanks to a few stories and a lot of sharing on social media, Craig and Jackie O’Neill let us know that they managed to find the Aussie hero.

And here’s the twist. It turns out that there were TWO Aussie heroes.

Their names are Marc Johnston and Zen Joyce.

Craig tells us that is was Zen who performed the heroics in his initial story, carrying both Craig and Jackie to safety in rough seas. But he was ably helped out by his mate Marc.

Craig tells us that he and Jackie have managed to video chat with the Aussie heroes, but they’re planning an actual reunion with the pair when they get to London, in December.

Craig’s interested in nominating the pair for a bravery award, and is currently looking into how he can make that happen. Possibly an Australian Bravery Decoration?

We love to hear stories about Aussies doing good things abroad. Well done Zen and Marc.


Written by: @dantheinternut