Brave Crooks Steal 50,000 Bees

Cops Can't Wait To Sting Them

Brave Crooks Steal 50,000 Bees

(Image: AAP)

Could these thieves bee any more stupid?

Victoria Police are hunting a pair of thugs who have buzzed off with a beehive from a backyard in Coburg, in Melbourne's northern suburbs

The owner of the honey making machine says it was taken sometime over the weekend of February 25th and 26th... along with 50,000 bees who lived inside.

Authorities say the hive would have weighed at least 40kg and taken two people to carry. Whoever tried moving it would have to have been wearing special protective clothing as well, or risk stacks of stings.

Anyone who has seen someone with a lot of stings, or a bee hive suddenly appearing in a neighbours backyard... are urged to buzz Crime Stoppers.