Cassie Sainsbury Lured To Colombia By Australians

Her Fiance Speaks Out

Cassie Sainsbury Lured To Colombia By Australians

It should be interesting viewing on tele this Sunday.

Channel Seven have started airing promos for a special Sunday Night report from a Bogota prison where accused Aussie drug-smuggler Cassie Sainsbury's hauled up.

They've interviewed her fiance Scott Broadbridge who's vowed to stand by the 22 year old and also appears to answer questions about Australians who allegedly lured her to Colombia.

'The full story of Cassie’s ordeal will be revealed: The Australians who lured her into danger… the mystery man behind the disastrous cocaine deal… and the bust itself in Cassie’s own words' - is their hook.

While it's also understood Channel Nine are planning to air their 'Cocaine Cassie' exclusive on 60 Minutes.

The rival network has reportedly struck a deal with Cassie's mum and sister who visited her a month after she was arrested.

But it's unknown if either have vision of the separate group's reunions with the Adelaide girl after reportedly not being allowed into El Buen Pastor prison to film.

Cassie's facing up to 20 years behind bars after being busted with almost 6 kgs of cocaine in what she maintains she believed were headphones.