Cop Killer Rick Maddison's Violent Criminal Past Revealed

'He has got serious history'

Cop Killer Rick Maddison's  Violent Criminal Past Revealed

Image: ABC News

Accused cop killer, Rick Maddison, 40, was shot dead before noon today after a lengthy stand off with authorities on a property west of Brisbane. 

Officers were forced to shoot at Rick Maddison after he ran from the farm shed he'd been holed up in and fired at police. 

Senior Constable Forte was killed after Rick Maddison, who has previously been charged with torture among other offences, tried to escape police at a traffic stop at Seventeen Mile just before 2pm on Monday.

Queensland Police Union chief executive Ian Leavers made it known on Tuesday morning Maddison was a dangerous threat. 

"This guy they are after, he has got serious history," Mr Leavers said

"I know a bit about him but while it is unfolding I have to hold back."

We now know Maddison has been described as a 'career criminal' following a tirade of offences to date including a 2008 arrest in Gatton for torture, deprivation of liberty, and drug offences.

He was a 'wanted man' in relation to multiple domestic violence and weapons offences when police pulled him over on Monday afternoon, The Daily Mail reported.