Do You Have Australia's Most Criminal Name?

Crim Database Reveals All

Do You Have Australia's Most Criminal Name?

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Researchers have revealed the most popular criminal name in Australia - and it's Leon. 

Law firm Go To Court collated the names from over 25,000 crimes found on the Australian CrimeNet database and then cross-referenced them with the most popular names in Australia in the last 90 years.

For every 100,000 Leons, more than 3000 had committed a crime,  Ivans weren’t far behind with 2000 per 100,000 having a criminal record.

Here's the list: 

Most criminal male names

1. Leon

2. Ivan

3. Ali

4. Gerald

5. Roy

6. Terrance

7. Albert

8. Danny

9. Frank

10. Frederik

Most criminal female names

1. Robin

2. Kym

3. Nicole

4. Lee

5. Shannon

6. Raelene

7. Kerri

8. Tiffany

9. Sonya

10. Jean