Dodgy Text Scams Costing Millions

Just Don't Touch A Strangers Link!

Dodgy Text Scams Costing Millions

(Image: AAP)

Cyber crime is spreading away from our email inboxes to our phones, with a growing number of us finding suspicious links being sent to our phones.

On top of the regular spam emails, cunning scammers and hackers are increasingly using dodgy video links on social media, as well as unsolicited text messages with links leading you to a scam.

The SCAMwatch website says the number of SMS scams is increasing every year. They usually tell people they have wont the lottery or a fake prize. Scammers also take advantage of big events, such as the last FIFA World Cup, telling people they had won tickets.

The latest Government data shows Aussies lost over $81 million to Internet fraudfrom 2016.

Cyber Security Minister Dan Tehan says w're all at risk of falling victim, "These messages are designed to look legitimate but if you click on a fraudulent link you can download malware to your computer leaving yourself open to the theft of your personal information".

Cyber safety experts say anyone who recieves a suspicious link should take a moment and think before opening it, or talk it over with someone you trust who might help identify a potential scam.