Everything You Need To Know About Apple’s New Products

Also.. SIRI Is A Bloke!

Everything You Need To Know About Apple’s New Products

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It's been more than two years since Apple has blessed us with new products and they didn't disappoint during their annual WWDC developer conference in California overnight.

It took them two hours to go through it all but to save you time, we've picked out the best bits. So without further ado..

The HomePod

Apple reckons their new voice-controlled speaker is going to reinvent home music.

It's just under 7-inches tall and covered in seamless 3-D mesh fabric and has some pretty amazing acoustic properties.

It has built in SIRI so you can talk to it and a funky wave form light on the top to respond to you. It's also a home assistant. It'll be available down under in Australia. The US price is $349.


So many new features in this new update. Some of the best bits include automatic sync on iMessages when you sign-in to a new Apple Device.

There is also person-to-person payments integrated into the message app.

SIRI's also getting a massive upgrade, the voice is much more natural and expressive, aaanndd.. there's a male voice option! SIRI also learns about you to tailor to your interests.

And get your phone totally out of your mind while you're driving with a new "do not disturb while driving" feature that'll suppress notifications and block you from looking at your smartphone.

iOS11 will be available later this year.


Apple Watch

Welcome to Watch OS4. The update will now automatically display the information most important to you, there is even a cool new 'kalidescope page'.

In addition to Mickey and Minnie Mouse on the display screen, they've added Toy Story moving characters.

There's also monthly fitness challenges to help you become the best you, you can be.


Woohoo! Amazon is coming to the Apple TV app and all Apple TVs will be equipped with Prime Video by the end of the year.


Hate when you open a web page and some crazy loud video just automatically starts playing? No more of that! Safari will have a built-in autoplay blocking feature.

Also feel like you're being followed by companies after browsing through their products? Get outta here! Mac is equipped with intelligent tracking prevention software.

We've also got some new iMac Pro models to look forward too. Apple is calling them their "most powerful yet."

For more info on Apple's new products and features head to their website.