Fine Dodgers Offered Counselling For Discounts

70,000 QLDers can't afford repayments

Fine Dodgers Offered Counselling For Discounts

Queenslanders who owe money for fines may soon be scoring themselves discounts in return for signing up to counselling. 

New laws will be introduced at State parliament today, designed to help the 70,000 Queenslanders who owe a share of our $1.2 billion debt but genuinely can't afford to make repayments. 

For those people - roughly 10% of the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER)'s clients - the government's considering slashing bills in exchange for some self-help moves. 

The idea is that people can get a discount if they're receiving counselling for financial matters, drug or alcohol addiction, or personal issues. 

They'll also change the way SPER can contact people, allowing email and post office box contacts to reduce the number of complaints about people not getting their letters on time.