Footage Emerges As The Edge Of Cyclone Debbie Makes Landfall

See the vision here.

Tropical Cyclone Debbie's expected to make landfall between midday and 1pm today as a Category 4 cyclone.

Wind gusts could reach 260km per hour near the centre of the system.

Mackay local Neil Hollis has told Triple M there's some small relief Debbie will arrive in daylight hours. "We're starting to see a few trees down and so forth. When it was black and roaring - yeah, it was pretty full on.  At the moment there's lots of trees down, heaps of branches obviously. It's crazy to think we haven't seen anything yet!" 

He believes residents have been well briefed by government officials though. "The preparation has been fabulous. Everyone's been up to date. When they (emergency services) have had to make a decision, they've made the decision and hopefully they've got everyone out, that needed to get out."