Germany Legalises Same-Sex Marriage In Snap Vote

MPs voted in a clear majority

Germany Legalises Same-Sex Marriage In Snap Vote

Image: Pexels

Germany is the latest country to legalise gay marriage following a snap vote by MPs, days after Chancellor Angela Merkel changed her mind on permitting a free conscience vote in the Reichstag.

With a clear majority, the legislative changes now give gay men and lesbians full marital and adoption rights, the BBC reports.

President of the parliament Norbert Lammert said 393 lawmakers voted to approve the amendment, while 226 voted against and four abstained.

German law recognised civil partnerships of same-sex couples since 2001, but the German legal code will now read: "Marriage is entered into for life by two people of different or the same sex."

Speaking after the vote, Merkel told reporters she had voted "no" on the issue, but the results were an expression of "mutual respect for different opinions".

"For me and the basic law, it's about the marriage of a woman and a man. That's why I voted against it," she said.

"I hope that the vote today shows not only the mutual respect for different opinions but that this also leads to more peace and social cohesion as well."

No doubt the move will place further pressure on Australian politicians to reach a outcome on marriage equality Down Under.