Government To Re-Attempt A Same-Sex Marriage Plebiscite


Government To Re-Attempt A Same-Sex Marriage Plebiscite

Image: Andrew Meares/Twitter

Liberal MPs meeting in Canberra this afternoon have reportedly decided to re-attempt a bid for parliamentary approval on a same-sex marriage plebiscite.

According to Sky News, if this legislation fails to pass the parliament the government will move ahead with their plans for a postal vote on the issue.

Gay marriage supporter and advocate Tim Wilson told Sky News that he may support a proposal for a postal vote included progress toward a free vote in the parliament - which is believed to cost in excess of $40 million dollars.

"If it moves us as we were always supposed to towards a free vote, which was the whole position we took to the election - it wasn't just a plebiscite, it was a plebiscite with a free vote - then I'm very open to it," he said.

The decision comes as Nationals MP reportedly told the Sunraysia Daily that changing the Marriage Act without a plebiscite would spell the end of the coalition government.

"It won't be me only, the whole show would blow up," he said.

"So suddenly you'd lose 16 lower house members in one bloc. Turnbull's leadership would become untenable and he'd no longer be prime minister."