How To Survive Being Back At Work

Back To Work Blues A Reality

How To Survive Being Back At Work

There might be some glum looking faces in the lunchroom today, with plenty heading back to work after the Christmas holiday fortnight.

Workplace psychologists say the back to work blues are a thing - but there are ways to combat them.

Psychologist Dr Richard Keegan from the University of Canberra admits the gear shift from holiday mode to being back at work can be tough. He suggests making time this week to properly plan how you want your work life balance to look in 2017.

"Perhaps work out was going well, what was going badly last year. You might want to actually start your year planning out what you'd like to be different, what you'd like to achieve in the coming months so that it's a bit more deliberate and less reactive to what's happening around you."

He also reckons it's actually a good thing to remember the holiday vibe. "It should right now be a fairly familiar feeling, that we can keep in mind and use as a compass to steer towards."

Rum balls aside, diet is also important. Dr Keegan says a lack of time can mean less than healthy food choices, but fresh salads can be carried from the barbeque through to your lunchbox.

"Work does tend to expand to fill the available time, so if we allow it to take over our entire day it will. One thing to bear in mind is to deliberately set aside some 'not working' time.  Many people have their lunch 'el desko' these days, so one thing might be to get out, go for a walk, find the best food that you can during that time. It's meant to be a break!".

Article by @tashajobson