ID Checks Could Soon Be Mandatory For Domestic Travellers

Tougher security on the cards

ID Checks Could Soon Be Mandatory For Domestic Travellers

It could soon be mandatory to show photo ID before boarding any domestic flight in Australia, under tough new security rules being considered by the Turnbull government.

Canberra's reportedly been debating the idea for several months and it's likely the PM will push harder for the measures in the wake of the foiled terror plot in Sydney, targeting a flight headed for Abu Dhabi.

It is understood the rules won't be implemented right away but could get the green light once the government's new Home Affairs office begins.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten has backed the extra checks saying resources also need to be beefed up to make sure passengers aren't 'inconvenienced'.

Since the weekend, passengers have been advised to arrive at the airport two hours early for domestic flights, the extra security checks causing delays of up to 45 minutes at Sydney airport, it was also a similar story in Melbourne.

Speaking on the ABC, Justice Minister Michael Keenan had denied there's a heightened security risk due to the larger number of people arriving at airports at a specific time.

"Our agencies are very very good, the give the government good advice about what we should and shouldn't do in relation to these threats. I'm very satisfied that we've implemented that advice in the best possible way," he said.

The four men arrested over the alleged plot are yet to be charged, as more details about how they were caught comes to light.

It's been revealed Aussie authorities were tipped off by foreign spies involved in Australia's Five Eyes partners, that includes the US, UK, New Zealand and Canada.

Sources have revealed the group were in contact with Islamic extremists in Syria and Iraq, while one of them had undergone training in the aviation industry.