Is Your Kid A Bogan

The most 'bogan' Aussie names list

Is Your Kid A Bogan

Forget the days of kids in the schoolyard called Shazza or Dazza, these days there are some new additions on the list of the most 'bogan' Aussie names.

Mums and dads are combining names like Jayden and Zaiden, coming out with J'Zayden.

Author Sabrina Rogers-Anderson has compiled a list of some of the best baby names in a new book, The Little Book Of Bogan Baby Names.

'Most readers have taken my bogan musings as they were intended – a good-natured laugh,' the author wrote about her work.

'We all have a bit of bogan in us that needs to be celebrated. Truth be told, I can’t help but like some of these names just a little bit,' she told Daily Mail.

She also notes that some of the moniker's that feature are unusually spelt names, such as alternatives for Tahmykkha, Tameekah, Tameka-Jane, and Tammika.