Josh Frydenberg Disputes Tony Abbott’s Climate Change Claims

'Climate change is real'

Josh Frydenberg Disputes Tony Abbott’s Climate Change Claims Image: ABC News

Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg has spoken out against Tony Abbott’s comments on climate change, saying the Turnbull government is listening to expert advice on cutting emissions.

During a London speech on Monday, Mr Abbott argued climate change was an issue overtaken by the “thought police” and probably actually did Planet Earth “more good than harm”.

However, Minister Frydenberg today hit back at the former PM’s comments made at the Global Warming Policy Foundation's annual lecture, instead reaffirming that “climate change is real”, SBS reports.

"I point out that, at the time, Tony Abbott said that the agreement Australia struck at Paris was a definite commitment and that it was economically responsible and environmentally responsible," Mr Frydenberg told reporters.

"Now the Turnbull government is continuing the work of coalition governments to reduce carbon emissions but to do so in a way that doesn't compromise the affordability and the reliability of our system."