Leave Your Drone At Home This Weekend

Big Fines For Daring Footy Fans

Leave Your Drone At Home This Weekend

Only 5 years ago, the main warnings for sports fans going to a game were around leaving umbrellas at home, and not trying to sneak in alcohol. Only in a future resembling an episode of The Jetsons would we imagine a warning not to fly over a sports stadium.

But that's the message from authorities today - LEAVE YOUR DRONE AT HOME.

Fly a drone over the AFL or NRL grand final this weekend, and you're setting yourself up for a fine of more than $10,000.

The Civil Aviation Authority says drones must not be flown near the Melbourne Cricket Ground or Sydney’s ANZ stadium, because safety regulations prohibit drones being flown over crowds of people.

The regulations also require drones to be kept well away from aircraft at all times. At both the MCG and ANZ stadium there will be low flying helicopters and in Melbourne there will be a low level fly past of a Virgin A330 aircraft.

Police at the MCG and ANZ Stadium will be on the lookout for drones and will take appropriate action.