Millennials Don't Consider Themselves Adults Until WHEN?!

#adulting ain't easy... 

Millennials Don't Consider Themselves Adults Until WHEN?!

No wonder it feels like everyone's waiting til their 60s to have their first child, and near-retirement (if ever) before buying a home... Millennials are a bit anti-growing up! 

CBS/Nielson researchers have put out their latest Millennial Study, revealing that millennials (people aged between 18 and 34 at the moment) don't even consider themselves 'grown ups' until they're 30, or even closer to 40 years old, or when they have kids which is often around the same age because of young people delaying babies more and more often. 

Basically, you may be old enough to do just about everything - all the fun stuff like vote, drive a car and buy booze - but you still don't feel like you're an adult. 


Here's the catch...Researchers reckon it's not the millennials' fault, though.. 

They think it's baby boomers (their parents) who spoil them and make life at home sooo good they have no incentive to get out on their own. 

“They've made it too good for them. Why would you leave?”

The team behind the research reckon companies will soon stop referring to 'adults' based on their age, and more social measures like whether they've moved out of their parents' home, have a real job and/or pay their own bills.