More Than Half Of Uni Students Have Been Sexually Harassed

Report reveals shocking culture

Shocking statistics released today have revealed just over half of students at Uni have been sexually harassed.

Seven per cent have been sexually assaulted or raped.

The Australian Human Rights Commission report is based on a nation wide survey of over 30,000 students at 39 institutions.

26 per cent of students have been sexually harassed while on campus in 2016.

The report has also revealed women experience sexual assault and harassment more than men.

Commissioner Kate Jenkins says the most worrying finding from the report, is that universities seem to be turning a blind eye to the reports of harassment.

"Perhaps most worryingly, there was a perception that colleges were aware of these behaviours, and did nothing to prevent them", Commissioner Jenkins said.

One student told the Commission, students had to participate in the culture.

"There was nothing you could do about it. The administration knew about this and they condoned this. The students had no power whatsoever, you couldn't say anything."

The National 24-hour support line for university students 1800 572 224, with access to Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia counsellors.