Movie World Out To Prove All Rides ARE Super Safe

Bosses post promo vid

Movie World Out To Prove All Rides ARE Super Safe

Pic: Facebook (movieworldgoldcoast)

Village Roadshow, the company behind popular Gold Coast theme park Movie World, have released a promo video via their Facebook page, out to prove their attractions are well and truly safe for visitors.

The clip addresses why we're hearing about ride stoppages so much lately saying they haven't increased, but have been splashed all over social media following last year's ride tragedy at Dreamworld.

They claim your individual chances of experiencing a ride unload are very very low.

"Just 0.0004%, but they do happen. Rides stoppages aren't unsafe, they're an essential part of ride safety systems," the video explains.

"We understand that interest in ride stoppages has increased across social media and in the news which makes it seem like stoppages are happening more and more. But our ride stats show the opposite."

The park claims the amount of ride unload incidents actually dropped 38% in 2016.

"It's a great example of how our perception can be influenced by current events, but the facts clearly tell a different story."

You can watch the whole clip below.