Much Loved Melbourne Gorilla Dies

Mzuri Was 32!

Much Loved Melbourne Gorilla Dies

Photo: Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne born gorilla Mzrui, has died at the age of 32 at zoo in France.

He was the first ever gorilla to be born in Australia back in 1984, rising to fame for also being the first primate born via IVF.

Mzuri was adequately named officially by the public, as Ya Kwanza meaning 'The First'.

The strong male gorilla was quickly shipped away for a leader and breeder program in Jersey, and later relocated to France to live it up with a band of bachelor gorillas.

Melbourne Zoo released a statement yesterday, saying "Everyone who worked with Mzuri over the years found him to be loveable, intelligent, and affectionate,"

You can still see Mzuri's mum Yuska at Melbourne Zoo.