NBN Co Spends $437,000 On Coffee

That's A Latte Money

NBN Co Spends $437,000 On Coffee

Thought you spent heaps on coffee?

Well get this, the NBN Co has blown $210,000 worth of taxpayers' money on flashy coffee machines for their office staff.
Spending a whopping $145,000 on coffee beans and $82,000 looking after all the equipment. That's $437,000 for their daily grind. 

And these coffee machines don't come cheap either. They cost around about $5,000 a pop.

The NBN Co is building Australia's high-speed broadband network, but despite all the coffee they consume the project is still taking forever.
Apparently the coffee machines are a productivity measure that Labor set up years ago, so staff don't have to leave the office to buy a coffee.

However all the cost were revealed when Labor Senator Catryna Bilyk, questioned why NBN staff couldn't pay for their own coffee like most other public servants. She said, "It's no wonder Malcolm Turnbull's second-rate NBN is years behind schedule - NBN Co is too busy sipping taxpayer-funded lattes to get the job done."

But hey... maybe if they had a couple of extra coffees a day, we may have the NBN finished sooner than expected.