No More Holidays For Child Sex Offenders

Canberra To Cancel Passports

No More Holidays For Child Sex Offenders

Australia is set to rip up the passports of convicted paedophiles, to block them from travelling overseas.

That's the goal of tough new laws to be introduced in Canberra next month.

The crackdown is specifically targeting the sick business of sex tourism, and would apply to all child-sex criminals on state and territory registers with reporting obligations. Authorities will also apply the ban to holders of dual passports.

There are currently more than 20,000 child-sex offenders listed on the Australian National Child Offender Register. Under the current rules, anyone on the register is required to inform police of their travel plans, but authorities have little power to actually stop them leaving the country.

Malcolm Turnbull has previously comment on paedophiles who go overseas to prey on youngsters, calling them ā€œsome of the worst grubs you can imagineā€.