OPINION | Australian Women Unite To Rally Against A Dangerous "Man"

A new era has begun in the world.

OPINION | Australian Women Unite To Rally Against A Dangerous "Man"

A new era has begun in the world.

Donald Trump is the new President of the United States.

A man with a moral compass so directionless, society is in danger of regressing to a time when basic human rights for all was only accessible to the powerful elite.

A man that believes it is okay to treat people with disrespect if it serves his own egotistical needs. A man that sees women, first and foremost, as sexual objects whose sole purpose is to gratify him. A man who lies, cheats and jokes about grabbing women’s genitals without their permission.

He is not a man. He isn’t deserving of such a term and neither should the men of Australia associate him with “being a man”.

In our quintessentially Aussie way, he is not a good bloke.

The mere thought of condoning his behavior as a male template, is not laughable but ridiculous.

From a very young age, we teach our kids, our boys the difference between right and wrong.

Australian men need to ensure Trump does not become the male template, again. As fathers, brothers, uncles, granddads, we need to stand up for what is right.

The women of Australia united yesterday in defiance of a male tyrant who threatens to undermine the work of women and suffragettes over centuries.

They took to the streets of Australian cities to tell the world that Trump's views and attitudes are archaic and wrong. They are unacceptable and the women of Australia will not be undermined, spurned or derided. They stood with the women of the world who marched in their millions across the globe. 

Their rights in society are paramount.

It is our duty, as men of this country, to stand alongside them and diminish the opinions of bigots and misogynists.

Australia's daughters, wives, girlfriends, mums, sisters deserve it.

Society as a whole, no matter what your background, deserves that courtesy, respect and dignity.

The freedoms, the luxuries, the privileges we take so easily for granted as men need to be for all.

Trump inextricably rallies against this principle.

He is not our definition of a man.

Thank you everyone that protested against this ignoramus and everything he stands for.

The women of Australian, the mothers of our kids, the defenders of women’s rights, the women who strive for equality, you made us proud.

Triple M