Preliminary Census Data Reveals The Typical Aussie Is 38 Year Old Claire

There you go...

Preliminary Census Data Reveals The Typical Aussie Is 38 Year Old Claire

The ‘typical’ Australian person has been revealed, based on last year’s Census data.

Her name is Claire, she’s 38 years old, and has changed quite a lot from the typical Australian created from way back in 1911, when the first Census was taken.

He was a 24 year old male, but didn’t have a name. Let’s call him John, considering that was the most popular boys name of the time.

(How boring… we were hoping it would be something like Engelbert)

Interestingly, the ‘typical’ Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person is also female, but she’s a fair bit younger, 23 years old, in actual fact.

The Census also tells us the ‘typical’ Aussie is married with two children, completed Year 12 and lives in a three bedroom house with two motor vehicles. Except for West Aussies, who apparently are more likely to live in a 4 bedroom house. Must be all the space?

Here’s a nice little snapshot of most of the ‘important’ points

  • The 'Typical' Australian’s median age is 38
  • She’s female
  • She was born in Australia and so were both of her parents
  • She speaks English at home, and comes from English stock
  • She’s married with children, two in fact
  • She completed year 12 or an equivalent
  • She does between 5 to 14 hours of unpaid domestic work per week
  • There’s two motor vehicles in the household
  • Her house has three bedrooms, and although she owns it, she’s paying off a mortgage

The ABS released a video that sums it all up quite nicely.


Written by: @dantheinternut