Russell Crowe Blasts Manus Island Detention Centre As ‘A Nation’s Shame’

‘Lives held in limbo’

Russell Crowe Blasts Manus Island Detention Centre As ‘A Nation’s Shame’ Image: Russell Crowe/Facebook/ABC News

Russell Crowe has spoken out against the Turnbull Government’s handling of refugees at the Manus Island detention centre, labelling the attempted closure of the facility a “nation’s shame”.

With some 600 male asylum seekers refusing to leave the decommissioned Papua New Guinea centre, the Gladiator star took to Twitter on Wednesday night where to criticise the treatment of “lives held in limbo”, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

"Manus. A nation's shame. Lives held in limbo. Lives lived in fear and despair. It's f---ing disgraceful," he wrote.

Following thousands of “likes” on the comment, Crowe said he'd be prepared to take matters into his own hands.

"I believe I could house and find jobs for six," he said.

"I'm sure there'd be other Australians who would do the same.”


It comes as New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern today confirmed she would be speaking with Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull on the issue when the two leaders meet this coming Sunday.

“I am looking forward, though, to having a conversation directly with the Prime Minister on Sunday about some of those issues - and New Zealand's role and view on Manus Island in particular,” she said.

Ms Ardern said an offer to resettle 150 refugees – made by ex NZ Prime Minister John Key back in 2013 – was still extended to the Turnbull government.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton told the Nine Network the 600 men refusing to leave Manus Island were making a "very difficult situation even worse".

"We've got a deal with the United States to move 1200 people,” he said.

“I want to close Manus as quickly as possible, but it doesn't help when you've got the Greens and others who are telling people not to engage, not to move.”