Russell Crowe’s Not Backing Down On ‘Appalling’ Refugee Crisis Comments

‘The world is watching Australia’

Russell Crowe’s Not Backing Down On ‘Appalling’ Refugee Crisis Comments Image: Russell Crowe/Instagram

Russell Crowe has refused to back down from his views on the 600 Manus Island refugees – warning that the “world is watching” Australia’s handling of the divisive situation.

Following his comments last week, the Gladiator star received a tonne of backlash across social media, with some arguing Rusty should focus on issues such as Australian unemployment, reports.

“Russell Crowe should find jobs for unemployed Australians first. And in the meantime he could house and pay these people dole money,” wrote one on Facebook.

Another said: “Charity begins at home, we have elderly people who can’t afford to eat and be warm.”

Despite the range of views, Crowe wasn’t budging, yesterday tweeting: “Go ahead write stupid articles, send me abuse, call me naive. Doesn’t change that what Australia has done to these men on Manus is appalling”.

He added: “The world is watching Australia & we look like assholes.”


On Sunday, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull rejected New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern’s offer to resettle 150 refugees, instead committing to a deal to send asylum seekers to the United States.

“The offer is very genuine and remains on the table,” Ms Ardern told reporters at their joint press conference.

“We, of course, do not have the circumstances that Australia is operating under, we can also not ignore the human face of what Australia is dealing with as well.”

It comes as Crowe took to Twitter last Wednesday to criticise the treatment of “lives held in limbo”.

"Manus. A nation's shame. Lives held in limbo. Lives lived in fear and despair. It's f**king disgraceful," he wrote.