Self Confessed 'Dole Bludger' Asks The Internet To Help Him Find A Job In Honest Post

'No skills' and 'poor work ethic'

Self Confessed 'Dole Bludger' Asks The Internet To Help Him Find A Job In Honest Post

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A self confessed "dole-bludger" has called on Reddit users to help him find a half decent job, in a lengthy post titled "Jobs for anti-social people?" 

The 30-year-old Sydney man describes himself as effectively having "zero marketable skills or qualifications" which he says is "reflected in my equally barren resume strewn with infrequent grunt work".

He also points out that he'd like to work with as few people as possible, having hated previous social jobs as a Coles cleaner, hotel room service and various retail "slave" positions, where he claims to have only lasted half a year.

While old mate admits to being "pretty great at faking everything the interviewer wants to hear that i inevitably get the job", he isn't making any bold claims in this post, mainly pointing out why he hasn't been able to keep work! 

Proving that honesty truly can be the best policy, the man, who posted anonymously, has actually received a fair bit of interest! 

"I run a gardening business in the eastern suburbs, very little interaction required .. If your serious about getting a job message me and maybe u could pick up some work", one user has commented. 

The Redfern man says he's been on centrelink for most of his life (Gettyimages) 

Another has not only offered some all round pretty decent life advice, they've also offering him a job on the sly! 

"You sound pretty smart to be honest. You have a lot of self awareness and can write pretty decently. These are skills that more than half the population don't possess. This is contrary to what you say about yourself in regards to having no marketable skills. You seem to be able to interview well too! Don't be so quick to put yourself down.

Anyways, to answer your question, look into physical labour work (construction, etc) or data entry jobs as others suggested. You could try bookkeeping (get a cert if you are thinking about a long-term job) or administration (again, invest in some training since it is for the long-term)."

For anyone else out there interested in giving an honest bloke a chance, here's the full post.

Jobs for anti-social people?

TLDR: Ideally i would find something that paid me $300 - $400 a week working 3-4 days and interacting with a handful of people a day. I have no idea if anything like that even exists but i have to try.

I'm a 30y/o male living in Redfern who is currently looking for work, which as we've seen multiple times before in threads like this is pretty common. The difficulty for me in finding work is that i am a fairly anti-social person at heart and along with some mild depression/anxiety (actually diagnosed) which may or may not be a result of, or caused by the former i have a hard time finding suitable work. I find working more than a few days or with large amounts of people very hard to manage.

I effectively have zero marketable skills or qualifications which is reflected on my equally barren resume strewn with infrequent grunt work over the last decade such as Coles cleaner, hotel room service, various retail slave positions and even security at the international airport. All of which required interacting with large numbers of people on a daily basis, but it was also the only thing i could find. I never really wanted these jobs though, but i'm also pretty great at faking everything the interviewer wants to hear that i inevitably get the job.

I have a habit of only lasting in these jobs for less than 12 months, more often closer to 6-9 because the constant pressure to "perform" and not be a depressed asshole for the general public eventually wears down my ability to act like i'm not just a little f***ed up on the inside and my depression/anxiety takes over which leads to calling in sick etc etc you know the rest.

As you can all probably guess by now i'm what is referred to as a "dole bludger". I've been on centrelink services for the majority of life and i'm looking to make a change because i'm rapidly approaching a point in my life where if i don't start doing something with it i'm going to be like this forever.

I don't imagine the reception to this post will be overly positive since i've had plenty of opportunities in the past and this sounds a lot like a terrible sob story from a bit of an asshole, and you would be right. I have a poor work ethic and an even worse outlook on life, i'm frequently disappointed to find that i still actually wake up every morning(don't link the suicide hotline i'm not going to kill myself) and if i actually spoke to another human being other than the nice elderly Chinese woman who runs the local bakery twice a week, who i don't think actually speaks English, you might agree.

So having said all of that i'm sure anyone reading this wont want to want to hire me so any recommendations at all that you can think of are welcome.

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