Stay-at-home Dads Do Less Than Mums

The results are in!

Stay-at-home Dads Do Less Than Mums

Sorry Dads, but some of you need to lift your game.

A study by the Australian Institute of Family Studies has found that stay-at-home dads are not as productive around the house as stay-at-home mums.

It found dads that stay at home to look after the kids, take on only slightly more housework than mums who are working a 35 hour week.

The research found that stay-at-home dad arrangements made up four per cent, or 75,000, of the two-parent, heterosexual families in Australia, while stay-at-home mums accounted for 31 per cent.

Stay-at-home dads and working mothers spent 19 and 21 hours a week on child care, respectively. When it came to housework, these fathers did 28 hours and working mums 23.

While women who stay home spend 37 hours a week on child care and housework, compared with 13 hours for working dads.